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The museum of a history of Don cossacks is the oldest museum of the South Russia. It was open in 22 of November, 1899. The building was built specially for a museum under the project of architect A.A. Jashchenko, the academician of architecture. Construction was conducted on public donations and the means allocated with Army treasury.

Initial collections of the Don museum have made material and documentary memorials of Depositary of Ancient Treasures at Regional board of the Don Army, and also army regalia of the Don cossacks, banners, deeds granted to the Army for participation in external wars of Russia.

In 1920 museum has received historical and art values from Ataman palace, city pawnshop, private houses. At the same time the known antiquarian collection of Vsevolozhsky family was received.

In 1941 Don museum was reorganized into the Museum of a history of Don cossacks following the decision of the Rostov Regional Executive Committee. But Great Patriotic war has interrupted realization of this plan. Fascist occupation of city proceeded 204 days and has put big loss to a museum. Employees, nevertheless, have managed to keep the most valuable collections.

After clearing Novocherkassk in 1943 new life of a museum began. Funds have replenished with works of well-known artist, landscapist I.I.Krylov. The Museum has received 75 pictures of landscape painter N.N.Dubovskoj and 126 works of artists - peredvizhniks (itinerant) from the collection of the artist, from Leningrad according to his will. In 1946 the government of Czechoslovak republic has returned 2726 subjects taken out by white cossacks and stored in the Prague National museum.

Now the Museum is the completed museum complex. The relics of the Don cossacks connected to their best traditions, are kept in the funds. The whole amount of museum objects is 115 thousand and have no analogues. The collection cold and fire arms of XVIII-XIX centuries is unique. The most part of this weapon is the granted weapon of the Don generals and officers.

Pride of the Museum is a unique collection of the Cossack banners, maces, staffs of Don Cossacks of XVIII-XIX centuries. Marching banners were made on means of the Don cossack Army or separate Cossack regiments and stored in army staffs. Then they were transferred (handed) to Army office. In the beginning of XX centuries banners were handed to the Don museum and placed in a special hall.